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Irene Zutell

New York Times bestselling author, ghostwriter, and journalist

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From Hachette: Lisa Guerrero chronicles her iconic career—from dealing with harassment as a sports broadcaster to chasing “bad guys” for Inside Edition—and proves that through small, daily acts, bravery is a muscle we can strengthen over time.

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Words cannot express how grateful I am to Irene. She has found the perfect words with which to illustrate my life. Her talent and empathy have truly made a sometimes emotional and painful exploration of my past so truly worth it.

-Lisa Guerrero, award winning journalist, actress, and sportscaster, on working with Irene on Warrior (2022)

Praise & Reviews

Hilarious, poignant, and so true to life it's frightening. They're Not Your Friends is a very entertaining Hollywood novel and the perfect summer read.

Robin Lynn Williams, author of The Assistants, on They're Not Your Friends

You Have No Idea is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and will ultimately leave you empowered to face whatever challenges life throws at you with grace and poise—just like [Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams] have.

Kristen Chenoweth on You Have No Idea

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About Irene Zutell

Irene Zutell is a New York transplant living and writing in the San Fernando Valley. After a prolific career as a journalist for People, US Weekly, New York Times Magazine, and more, Irene decided to write books. She's authored and ghostwritten many best-sellers, working in both fiction and nonfiction. A recent project, Miss Brenda and the Loveladies, is currently in development for a film adaptation. Her most recent book, Warrior: My Path to Being Brave by Lisa Guerrero, hit bookshelves January 2023. 

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